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Capture Every Billable Minute With Time Tracking Software

Every second counts. Start tracking your time and see exactly how long you spend on clients and projects. And when the work’s done, easily generate an invoice.

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Sleep Peacefully Knowing How Productive You Are

Get an at-a-glance view of how long tasks take to see where you’re spending time and adjust your schedule as needed. Managing projects just got easier.

Screenshot of time tracking by day in FreshBooks accounting software
Screenshot of time tracking stopwatch in FreshBooks accounting software

Focus on Your Work, Not on the Clock

Um, how long did your team spend on that big client project? Don’t ballpark it. Get your team using timers in FreshBooks, so they can keep the focus on work.

Track Time From Wherever You Are

Whether on the go with the mobile app or browsing the web with the Chrome Timer, the time tracking software in FreshBooks logs every billable hour. Plus, log time from apps you already use, like Asana, Basecamp and Trello.

Screenshot of logging in hours by day in FreshBooks accounting software
Screenshot of time tracking for team members on a calendar interface in FreshBooks accounting software

Make It Easy for Your Team to Log Time

With your team logging time effectively, you get a clear view of all work to easily see what work is finished and spot capacity issues early.

Time Saving Time Tracking Features

FreshBooks goes above and beyond basic time tracking features:

  • Timekeeping for your entire team
  • Record time against a specific client
  • Add detailed time entry notes
  • Automatically bill for tracked hours
  • Weekly and monthly views of your tracked time
  • Track and manage time for a specific project
  • Daily breakdowns of your tracked work hours
  • Built-in, easy to use timer on desktop and mobile

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Did You Know…

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Time Tracking work in FreshBooks?

You can use the FreshBooks time tracker to document your business and team productivity or to bill back to a client for your services. The time tracker saves all of your time tracking entries until you’re all set to bill for them later.

You can use the FreshBooks time tracking app in two ways to support your time management needs. You can either use the timer to log your hours while you work, or you can add time manually after the fact. Either way, you’ll log every minute of work and productivity in a much cleaner way than with paper timesheets or Excel spreadsheets.

To track your time automatically with the timer, click on the Time Tracking section of your account, and from the Day sub-tab, click “Start Timer”. Once the timer opens up, you can add Client or Project details, the type of Service, and the task you’re working on.  When you’re done working on the task, you can click the Stop button.

If you’d rather try manual time tracking, you can do this from the Time Tracking section of your account. You can either add time in the Day or Week sub-tab. You can click the New Entry button, then add project, client, service, and task details the same way you would for automatic time tracking. You can also fill in the amount of time that you worked in the “HH:MM” field.

Learn more about time tracking here.

Watch this short video about time tracking in FreshBooks for a quick review.

Can I automatically bill for my time?

All the hours you and your team log with the time tracker can be automatically pulled onto an invoice and billed directly to a client to help get you paid faster.

If you’d like to invoice for tracked time for a specific Client, you can set up a Recurring Template that will generate future Invoices with any time tracked during that period. You can read more about how to set up a Recurring Template for automatic billing here.

For more ways our automation software can help you with project management, check out this article: How Automation Software Can Help You Focus on What’s Important

Does FreshBooks allow for team collaboration with Time Tracking?

Yup. FreshBooks was built as your go-to time tracking software. With the FreshBooks time tracking app, both you and your team can collaborate on and track time towards the same projects and clients. Each team member can track their time for specific projects and clients that you can view at the drop of a hat to keep a close eye on progress.

When it comes to productivity apps, the FreshBooks time tracking app makes automatic time tracking an afterthought for any employee, freelancer, contractor or team member. All teams that bill for their time can find value in FreshBooks time tracking software.

To review time tracked by your team members, go to Time Tracking and click the “review” tab at the top.

Learn about time tracking and collaboration here.

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How do you track your time and automatically apply it to your Retainers?

When you’re tracking your time in FreshBooks (either by setting up the timer or tracking time manually), you can check off the “Apply to retainer” box while you are filling in the Client/Project information. You can then view how many hours your time tracker has logged in the Retainers section of your FreshBooks account. It’s easy to see just how integrated the FreshBooks time tracker is to other features like retainers, projects, and invoices, making it easy for you and your employees to track time, manage tracked time and stay organised.

Learn more about time tracking here.

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How do I generate an invoice from tracked time?

In FreshBooks, you and your team can track time to Projects. Those Projects are then assigned to individual Clients, which makes it easy for you to then Invoice your Clients based on that tracked time.

Generating an Invoice allows you to pull all unbilled time tracked by you, your team and your Contractors onto any Invoice easily. With our time tracking software, when time is pulled together for invoicing it’s automatically marked as billed.

Time Tracking + Invoicing in FreshBooks  lets you add unbilled time to a new Invoice a few different ways:

Watch this short video about time tracking in FreshBooks for a quick review.

See how you can skip the shoebox of receipts and collaborate easier with others, or read more about FreshBooks.

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