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Maximize Your Productivity with FreshBooks Time Tracking Software

Every second counts. Start tracking your time in FreshBooks and see exactly how much time you’re spending on clients and projects. And when the work’s done, easily generate an invoice with just a click

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Sleep Peacefully Knowing How Productive You Are

With FreshBooks you’ll know at-a-glance just how long tasks take. An easy to read breakdown of your hours means you can say hello to working more efficiently.

Screenshot of time tracking by day in FreshBooks accounting software
Screenshot of time tracking stopwatch in FreshBooks accounting software

Focus on Your Work, Not on the Clock

Say goodbye to remembering how long you and your team spent working on a client project. Just start a timer and get down to business – when you’re done, you’ll have an accurate time log ready to pop onto an invoice.

Easily Track Time from Wherever You Are

Whether on the go with the mobile app or browsing the web with the FreshBooks Chrome Timer, FreshBooks ensures you bank every billable hour. Plus, you can track time directly from the apps you already know and love – Asana, Basecamp, Trello and Teamwork.

Screenshot of logging in hours by day in FreshBooks accounting software
Screenshot of time tracking for team members on a calendar interface in FreshBooks accounting software

Easily Keep Your Team on Track

Know at-a-glance how your entire team is spending their time. You’ll be able to quickly understand what work has been completed and spot any issues before they become problems.

A Few Other Ways FreshBooks Makes Time Tracking a Snap

  • Time keeping for your entire team
  • Record time against a specific client
  • Add detailed time entry notes
  • Automatically bill for tracked hours
  • Weekly and monthly views of your tracked time
  • Track and manage time for a specific project
  • Daily breakdowns of your tracked work hours
  • Built in, easy to use timer on desktop and mobile

See other features to help keep you on track >

Did You Know…

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Track Time In FreshBooks?

Just log into your account on your computer and click “Time Tracking.” From there you can either start the time or log hours you’ve already worked.

Does FreshBooks Allow For Team Collaboration?

Yup. With FreshBooks both you and your team can collaborate on and track time towards the same projects and clients.

Can My Employees Track Their Time With FreshBooks?

Most definitely. Each team member can track their time for specific projects and clients that you can view at the drop of a hat to keep a close eye on project progress.

Can I Automatically Bill For My Time?

All the hours you or your team log can be automatically pulled onto an invoice and billed directly to your client, to help get you paid.

See how you can skip the shoebox of receipts and collaborate easier with others, or read more about FreshBooks.

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