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Research & Data Reports Library

Get a better understanding of how the world intersects with your business. Here you’ll find FreshBooks data and research distilled into insightful and digestible reports.


The Self-Employed Singles Report – FreshBooks 2022

The report, launched in partnership with celebrity dating coach Damona Hoffman, surveyed self-employed Americans to understand better the financial, emotional, and operational truths of building a small business as someone without a romantic partner in their lives.

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FreshBooks 2021 Annual Self-Employment Report

In this year’s annual report, we study how the narrative around self-employment is shifting in the United States. We focus on the following important themes: the COVID-19 effect, meaningful careers, work/life, gender equality and racial equality.

FreshBooks 2021 Canadian Self-Employment Report

From Traditionally Employed
to Entrepreneur: Canada’s Great Transition Is Around the Corner

2021 Self-Employed Mental Health Report

FreshBooks partnered with Mind Share Partners, a non-profit that is changing the culture of workplace mental health, to explore how self-employed individuals experience mental health symptoms, how they cope, and how being self-employed affects their mental and physical well-being.

The Next American Dream

Sure full-time jobs offer stability and predictability, but their earning is capped to an extent. But for business owners, the sky is the limit and we wanted to uncover what that limit is for single-person businesses.

Women-Owned Businesses Face a Tougher Road to Recovery from COVID-19

In this report, FreshBooks shares how COVID-19 negatively affected U.S. small business owners in 2020, with a specific focus on the disproportionate effect on women-owned businesses.

Signals for U.S. Economic Growth

How Small Businesses Contribute to Economic Recovery

The Digital Economy Is Moving Faster Than Ever: Are U.S. Small Businesses Keeping Up?

In this report, FreshBooks examines which U.S. states and industries are adopting digital software and technology fastest given the continued disruption of the pandemic.

The State of Small Business in 2020

In this report, FreshBooks shares how COVID-19 lockdowns, restrictions, and social distancing affected global small business growth.

The Resilience of the Construction Sector in 2020

In this report, FreshBooks shares how the construction sector was able to survive and thrive amid COVID-19 lockdowns, restrictions, and social distancing.