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Project Management and Team Collaboration Software All in One

Spend less time trying to get projects over the finish line. In FreshBooks, easily collaborate with team members to keep things moving forward and deliver amazing results, faster.

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Produce Better Work Faster with Your Team

FreshBooks is built exclusively for small-business owners and their teams to boost productivity. To kick-off seamless collaboration invite your Contractors, Employees and Business Partners to manage projects and decide which files they’ll have access to with team permissions.

Easy Access to Every Important File

No more digging through email chains trying to find that one attachment. With a web-based centralized place for file storage, you and your team members will have more time to focus on what matters.

Easy Access To Every Important File
Easy Access To Every Important File

Client Collaboration Made Simple

From project planning to executing work, FreshBooks makes it easy for your clients to give you feedback every step of the way. Plus, every update will be automatically stored in the cloud.

Easily Track and Interpret a Project’s Profitability

Knowing more about your business (projects included) helps you make smarter business decisions. Profitability tools are part of that:

  • Profitability Widget – An at-a-glance breakdown of Incomes, Costs, the profitability of projects, and unbilled hours
  • Profitability Summary – An overview of overall profitability across clients and projects for quick comparison
  • Project Profitability Details – A detailed report of each project’s profitability by service and expense categories

Even More Features for Effortless Project Management

  • Chat and collaborate on work
  • Manage team projects and deliverables
  • Invite your staff, clients, or contractors to a project
  • Share images and files from within FreshBooks
  • Assign a cost and billable rates or hours to a specific project for a client
  • Control what your team can and cannot access with team permissions
  • Add and track progress against services added to a project
  • Easily duplicate projects and convert approved estimates into projects
  • Manage team labor across projects by assigning cost rates

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Did You Know…

Forbes calls FreshBooks “Incredibly user friendly”…
No credit card required. Cancel anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Projects in FreshBooks?

Projects are a great way to collaborate with Clients and your Team Members inside your FreshBooks account. It’s also helpful for communicating with your Clients beyond Invoices. You can review all time tracked from you and your Team Members and see all Invoices and Expenses associated with a specific Project.

Learn more about Projects here

Do I Need A Team To Use Projects?

You can use Projects in FreshBooks to manage your work with a team or on your own; it’s totally your choice.

How does Project Profitability work?

Project Profitability allows you to track your Projects’ performance to see how profitable they are. Project Profitability also helps you better manage team members and see how time and expenses are being tracked to help you make better business decisions.


Learn more about Project Profitability here

Can I Share Files With FreshBooks?

Yep. With Projects, you can easily upload and share files with your team members and your clients.

Can I Give My Projects Due Dates?

Absolutely. You can easily add a due date to your projects to ensure that your entire team stays on track and hits their target.

Find out how you can keep on top of the time you’re spending on clients and accept credit cards in just a few clicks, or learn more about FreshBooks.

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