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Never Miss a Trip With Our Automated Mileage Tracker App


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Save up to 40 hours every year on filing taxes by using FreshBooks

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Filing taxes up to 28% faster by using FreshBooks accounting and tax features

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Save up to 553 hours a year with FreshBooks for accounting and invoicing

Log Trips as You Drive, Hands-Free

Every time your car moves in the name of business it’s an expense you can claim at tax time. FreshBooks Mileage Tracking automatically logs each trip and also saves your travel history.

Log Trips as You Drive, Hands-Free

More Organized While on the Road

The last thing you need is paper trip logs. Easily swipe your screen to classify a trip as business or personal, then send a mileage report directly to your email or download it from FreshBooks.

More Organized While on the Road

Be Tax Compliant and Get Your Best Return

FreshBooks Mileage Tracking shows potential tax deductions for every business trip. Download accurate and ready-to-be-filed reports to deduct every mile and reduce your taxable income.

Be Tax Compliant and Get Your Best Return


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Do Even More With Mileage Tracking


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Handy Reports

Easily download and share insightful reports with your team

Edit and Adjust Trip Details

Manually edit trips in case of any discrepancy

Easy On/Off Toggle

Easily turn Mileage Tracking on and off at anytime

Local Rates In-App

Check mileage allowance rates for your country

Easily Find Logged Trips

Sort and filter all trips by date range

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Our FreshBooks Select Plan could be the solution for you, saving you time and money.

The Select Plan includes:

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Resources to Help You Save More at Tax Time

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How to Claim Mileage on U.S. Taxes

Mileage Tracking For FreshBooks iOS and Android Apps

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does FreshBooks Really Track Mileage Automatically?

Absolutely! All you need to do is set up Mileage Tracking on the FreshBooks mobile app, then sit back and the app will log all your trips. You can classify each trip as business or personal, at your convenience.

If you have a team of employees or drivers that also track mileage it’s easy to get everyone on board. The last thing you want is for everyone to use different mileage tracker apps with varying mileage log and report formats. Having one easy-to-use mileage tracking app means easy to understand mileage expense reports. And best of all, it’s synched with FreshBooks so all business drives and mileage are automatically added to your FreshBooks account.

How Do I Get Mileage Tracking Reports?

You can either send the report to your email address directly from the mobile app or download the report from the Reports section on FreshBooks desktop.

You can generate a mileage tracking report from the app as a CSV file by tapping the “More…” button at the bottom right, then tapping Mileage Tracking, then tapping the paper plane icon. From here, you can select the year to date, and then send a copy of the file to the email that’s associated with your FreshBooks account. It’s essentially a mileage expense report.

How Much Does This Feature Cost? And Who Uses It?

Zero! The Mileage Tracker app is a free feature that is built-in with all our packages, including during the trial period. When it comes to business expenses, business mileage is essential to lowering your taxable income at tax time. Mileage trackers like FreshBooks mileage tracking app ensure you have a record of all business mileage.

Whether you’re self-employed or not, we think this is the best mileage tracker out there. Everyone from real estate agents to rideshare drivers to home services use it to track mileage and create mileage reports. Keeping daily mileage logs on paper can get messy. Mileage tracking apps like FreshBooks Mileage Tracker lets you swipe left and right to sort logged trips as business or personal, it’s that easy. You’ll never miss out on tracking mileage or business deductions for work purposes again.

How Does the Mileage Tracker App Work?

The FreshBooks mileage tracker app keeps a record of every time you drive your vehicle for business, whether it’s purchasing work supplies or meeting clients. The mileage is logged so it can then be submitted with your tax return for a tax deduction or reimbursement as a cost of running your business.

You can set up your mileage tracker by clicking the “Try the New Mileage Tracking” button from your Dashboard. You can also tap the “More…” button at the bottom right and then select Mileage Tracking. You’ll be prompted to turn on Location Services, for which you can select “Allow While Using App”. You can read more about how to adjust your settings to use the mileage tracker here.

Once you’ve enabled automatic mileage tracking, your trips will appear in the Unreviewed Trips tab. You can mark each trip as Personal or Business.


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Save up to 553 hours each year by using FreshBooks

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Save up to $7000 in billable hours every year

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