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Looking For Proposal Software? Show Value + Win Clients With FreshBooks

Small Business Owners Love FreshBooks Proposal Software

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Save up to 36 hrs per month using FreshBooks for Accounting and Invoicing

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100% of users think FreshBooks Proposals make them look more professional

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Create and send winning Proposals 20% faster using FreshBooks proposal software

Polish Up Your Elevator Pitch

Custom Proposals in our proposal management software give your clients all the details, supported by images and attachments. Scope it out, outline their needs and how you meet them, then click send.


Close and Get Paid — Here’s How

With in-app commenting, online approval, and eSignatures, FreshBooks proposal software helps your clients take action for a shorter sales cycle. Align timelines and easily convert professional Proposals to Invoices to save time on billing.


Have They Read It? Check Proposal Status!

In progress, viewed, or accepted. You’ll always know the status of a Proposal during the proposal process. Client questions? Respond right in the FreshBooks online proposal software. Need previous Proposals from an old potential client? Track them all in Client Profiles.





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What else?

More Ways Proposal Software Connects You to Clients


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Mobile Proposals

Build proposals and send from anywhere with the FreshBooks mobile app


Get notified about Proposal client activity


Add images and related documents to showcase your value


Seal the deal and earn new business quicker with client eSignatures

Reuse a Proposal

Easily recycle an old Proposal to use for a new client


Download and share Proposals as PDFs

Stay Organized

Vendor proposals stay organised and easily accessible

Easy to Track

Create unique Proposal numbers for easy tracking

Multiple Languages

Send Proposals in English or French

Have Lots of Clients and Want to Save on Billing?

Our FreshBooks Select Plan could be the solution for you, saving you time and money on more than just the proposal creation process.

The Select Plan includes:

  • A dedicated account manager to train your team and migrate your books from other platforms
  • Access to lower credit card fees and transaction rates
  • 2 free team member accounts

Resources to Make Proposals Work Harder for Your Business

How to Write a Business Proposal That Wins New Clients

With FreshBooks, Auckland Web Designer Ahmed Saves 6 Billable Hours Every Week

Look Professional and Show Value With FreshBooks Proposals

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can My Clients Access My Proposal Online?

After you or your sales teams create your winning proposal with our best proposal management software tools, clients can access your professional-looking proposal documents whenever it’s convenient for them. They can accept pricing plans, ask you questions, and add their electronic signature all from within the FreshBooks user-friendly proposal software. The user interface and workflow are easy for both you and your clients to use.

Learn more about how your clients can interact with Proposals in our proposal management software.

Get a quick summary of Proposals on FreshBooks in this short video.

Can I Create Proposals on My Mobile Phone?

Yes! You and your sales team can use the FreshBooks proposal software for small businesses on your iOS device for greater sales efficiency. Once you log into your account, tap “More” at the bottom of your screen, then tap “Estimates”. From the Estimates screen, tap the “+” at the top right of the screen and tap “Proposal”. From here, you can add all your Proposal content and details like Client, Proposal date, description, and more. When you’re finished creating your Proposal document, you can either save it or send the final document to your Client. Creating proposals on the go has never been easier.

Learn how to create proposals on your iOS device here.

What Part of the Proposal Can I Customise?

FreshBooks professional proposal software lets you and your sales team customise most of the design and all of the content for your potential clients! The professional templates include sections like the overview, scope of work, and timelines with rich text formatting capabilities as well as image and document attachments.

You can also customise the proposal template type, theme colour, and fonts and enable e-signatures. Overall, the proposals you create in FreshBooks will look like any other perfectly branded proposal from your company. That’s a lot more than you can do in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and other proposal software 😉 If you’re ready to start creating better proposals that close deals, give it a try.

Learn more about customising your proposal templates for service businesses here.

Is the Customer’s Electronic Signature Legally Binding in New Zealand?

The short answer is YES!

The long answer is below.

When you or your sales team create new Proposals in FreshBooks, with another proposal management software, or even in proposal templates and require an eSignature, the ETA governs e-signature capabilities in New Zealand. The Electronic Transactions Act (or ETA for short) regulates the use of electronic signatures and provides that an electronic signature is essentially an acknowledgement supplied in an electronic format. Such acknowledgement can be used by a business to demonstrate a party’s intention (e.g., acceptance) and that can electronically be used to authenticate the party involved.

Types of Electronic Signatures

The ETA does not expressly define an electronic signature, but examples of an “electronic signature” can include:

  • A person typing their name into a contract or email concerning the terms of the agreement
  • A person electronically pasting their signature into an electronic version of the contract
  • A person accessing a contract through a web-based signature platform and clicking to have their name inserted into the contract in the appropriate place
  • A person using a finger, light pen, or touchscreen writes their name in the appropriate place in a contract

A “digital signature” is a recognised form of an electronic signature with additional requirements regarding its security.

Documents That May Be Signed Electronically

The following categories typically do not impose any requirements on the use of electronic signatures:

  • Commercial Agreements (including but not limited to those relating to procurement, software licensing, loan agreements)
  • Non-disclosure Agreements
  • Corporate Resolutions (if not prohibited by the constitution)
  • Board Meeting Minutes
  • New Zealand Government Filings
  • Negotiable Instruments, Bills of Exchange, Promissory Notes, Bills of Ladings and Other Transferable Documents


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